Konosioni Improves Kindergarten Readiness and Enriches Children’s Lives

The following is the first of an in-depth series on the Konosioni Senior Honor Society's grant  recipients for 2012. Funds raised each year through the Konosioni Charity Auction are allocated as grants to support the efforts of local non-profit organizations. This year marks the 16th annual event and the 79th year of Konosioni. Learn how to get involved in our fundraising efforts. 

On Thursday, Feb. 7, Konosioni presented Jay Dunn (MCLC Executive Director) and Hilary Vigil (Hamilton Public Library Director) their check to the Madison County Literacy Coalition.

As part of its 2012 grant allocations process aimed at funding K-8 youth enrichment programs, Colgate’s Konosioni Senior Honor Society recently awarded the Madison County Literacy Coalition funding for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library in the Hamilton School District. This organization was awarded a competitive grant for “strategic initiatives that enhance community-based programming for youth enrichment,” said Jay Dunn, Executive Director of the Madison County Literacy Coalition. 

This grant will further the Coalition’s goal of significantly and permanently changing the family literacy culture in the county and improving kindergarten readiness. According to Dunn, the sooner children can transition from “learning to read-to- reading to learn” the richer and more fulfilling their lives become.

The Hamilton Public Library will administer the program for all children from 0-5 in the Hamilton District. This award will impact at least 150 children over the next five years. As Colgate students, we have planted seeds that will change lives. The Hamilton Public Library Board and Director by volunteering to administer this program, provide the nurturing that will help these seeds flourish.