Konosioni Brown Bag and 17th Annual Auction

Coming up this Wednesday, April 9th, Konosioni will be hosting a Brown Bag at the COVE to highlight the organizations that received money from us this past semester. 

This is a great way to showcase the work that these local non-profits have completed thus far with our funds. In fact, this is a huge step for Konosioni as an organization--we're hoping to facilitate a greater interaction between these organizations and Konosioni, even after we've allocated the grants. It is important that we keep an open line of communication and continued support. Our Community Relations Director, Elisabeth Muehlemann, did a fantastic job of putting this Brown Bag together. 

We're also hoping that this Brown Bag will spark talk on campus about the upcoming annual charity auction, happening April 12th at the Palace Theater. As one of the hallmark events of the year, Konosioni is excited to raise money for the next generation of local non-profits. The amount of effort that goes into spearheading such an event is immense; through teamwork and dedication, we know that Konosioni can, and will, get it done.

The charity auction has become a tradition in its own right, and we hope that this year's auction will allow the Konosioni class of 2015 to leave their own unique impact on our community.