Konosioni 2013 Grant Allocations

This year we request proposals from organizations creating programming with the theme of family health. We looked for organizations that emphasized:

    Assisting single parents

  Promoting healthy nutrition choices and active lifestyles among children and families

    Providing counseling and support for families in need

    Educating about family values

    Providing health care services to low income families

    Creating child care opportunities for single parents and low income families

    Providing counseling and assistance for single mothers in crisis

    Providing perinatal care for low income mothers

We are excited to give $20,000 to the following organizations that are doing exceptional work within the Central New York community.

The Mohawk Valley Perinatal Clinic will receive $7,300 to distribute 100 cribs to parents as a part of their Safe Sleep for Babies Initiative which is meant to prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Utica Safe Schools will receive $5,000 for their Build a Bike program which distributes bikes to children in low income families to encourage an active lifestyle and teach children about nutrition and exercise.

The Community Action Partnerships Mary Rose Clinic will receive $5,000 to provide health related procedures and resources to the uninsured.

Community Bikes will receive $2,700 to help with their Project Double Down Campaign which will increase the number of bikes they are able to distribute to members of the community.


For more information about grants email konosionimail@colgate.edu